The Kitchen

Honor your being with delicious food.



We have 70+ years of combined culinary experience.  Our shared passion for preparing nutritious, interesting foods from scratch is what brought us together.  We love to create global menus using local, seasonal ingredients and our kitchen is always filled with wonderful smells, great music and lots of creative energy. 

We offer:

 Full Service Catering:  from drop off to full service, informal to formal  

"Eat Well This Week":   a  meal program which is designed to supplement your weekly diet with meals that are creative, nutritious and fresh

 Cooking Classes:  designed to take the challenge out of food preparation

 Kitchen Makeovers:  We help you create an environment in your kitchen  that  is easy to work in,  has the equipment handy to work with as well as the inventory on hand  to make delicious, nutritious and creative meals at home.

On Site Dining Room:  available for parties of up to 25 guests.

We are committed to preparing fresh, creative and delicious food for your enjoyment. we are happy to accommodate Special diets including vegan and gluten fREE.

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Our Services Include